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The Cavaliers - "Hold To My Baby / Dance Little Girl" (RCA, 1966) 

I've been slowly trying to add all my 45's to my collection on discogs. It's taking FOREVER! I tried cataloging my 7" the collection a couple years ago, but found it frustrating that a majority of what I was trying to file had yet to be added to their online database. I wasn't about to take the time to add them all. Luckily, now that I've postponed the task, I'm finding that other collectors have actually taken the time bolster their online database and expand the Discogs library. This particular 45 by The Cavaliers is one such record I recall not being cataloged once upon a time ago... 

I actually tried writing this post last year when the Cleveland Cavaliers were in the NBA Finals. It's been sitting in the queue since then! So here goes as the Cav's begin the task of defending their title...

I vividly recall finding the record a few years ago in a dollar bin in a record spot in Louisville. I came up pretty strong that day by bringing home at least 3 other hella strong records on the cheap. Funny how the memory of days like that stick with you.

While there is pretty scant info out there regarding the group, this particular 45 has been classified Northern Soul favorite. I fancy both sides, but might actually prefer the middling pace of the b-side "Dance Little Girl". Both songs have been staples in my all 45 sets as of late.

Listen below to the Cavaliers sides "Hold To My Baby" and "Dance Little Girl" as recorded from my promo copy of the 7" single. Enjoy!

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