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Entries in Sly & The Family Stone (2)


New Digs | Early October

Despite my focus on 7-inch singles as of late, I've still managed to dig up a few choice Lp's to round out my more recent hauls. Some long time wants and a couple unexpected treasures make for some pretty interesting acquisitions. Here's what's kept my new arrivals been interesting as of late. Dig it!


James Brown - Sho Is Funky Down Here (King, 1971)

Sly And The Family Stone - Life (Epic, 1968)

Funk Inc. - Chicken Lickin' (Prestige, 1972)

Curtis Mayfield - Curtis In Chicago (Curtom, 1973)

Pretty Purdie - Soul Drums (Date, 1968)

Buster Williams - Pinnacle (Muse, 1975)

Roy Ayers - Coffy (Polydor, 1973)

Chicago Gangsters - Gangster Love (Gold Plate, 1976)

Marvin Gaye - That Stubborn Kinda Fellow (Tamla, 1962)


New Digs | Late August 2013

Here are some of the records I brought home during the month of August. This haul represents a wide variety of sounds, genres, and rarity. Some of these Lp's I should have had a long time ago (Sly, Maceo, Herbie) and others I'm just now seeing in the wild for the first time (Strutt, Budgie, Chris Spedding, and Sparky Rucker). All of them have kept me attentive and fulfilled my need to hear "somethng new". Here's the list of what's pictured above:

New Digs | Late August 2013

Magic - S/T (Rare Earth, 1971)

Another one-off rock record released on Rare Earth. There are a couple strong moments throughout the record, I personally like the funkier cuts, but this self-titled debut outing is a little uneven. Some of the songs lean a little too folksy for my taste, but this Lp is still a solid addition to the mix and will come in handy someday. As a bonus, Stevie Wonder lends his talents to three of the songs!

Silk - Smooth As Raw Silk (ABC, 1969)

I was bidding on a handful of records on eBay from a seller that had a ton of amazing items. Trying to catch a break on shipping, I bid on a few records that I wasn't necessarily looking for, but thought that maybe things would work in my favor. I lost all the other auctions, they were too rich for my blood, but happily ended up with a cheap-ish Silk's Smooth As Raw Silk as a nice compromise.


George Duke - Guardian Of The Light (Epic, 1983)

I bought Guardian Of The Light while in Atlanta just before I heard of George Duke passing. Too sad! The album's more upbeat songs are pretty amazing 80's funkdafied boogie that frankly surprised me. I was pretty ignorant to his output but stand corrected. Rest In Peace George Duke. 


The Impressions - Finally Got Myself Together (Curtom, 1974)

Slowly backfilling my Impressions catalog. No Curtis on this album, but still a solid record.


Western Flier - Hapshash And The Coloured Coat (Imperial, 1969)

When I bought this record, I pretty much knew it wasn't going to be my cup of tea. It looked unfamiliar and was from the right time period, which of course piqued my interest, but I had pretty much made up my mind in the store that I would just take a chance and hope the record might hold something redeeming. Not to be completely dismissive, the instrumentation is varied on on point, but the album just seems a little jumbly and haphazard. I did find enjoyment with a couple songs, but even the ones that are stronger tend to go on a little too long. Like someone who talks too much without anything interesting to say.


David T. Walker - Going Up! (Revue, 1969)

I passed on Going Up! a couple times at one of my local spots. Each time I'd get home and regret not buying the album and promised to myself to pick it up next time... I'm glad it was still there on my most recent trip and I was able to break down and make the investment. The record features killer instrumental guitar interpretations of the popular songs of the day along with a couple solid original compositions. He's still at it too!


Strutt - Time Moves On (Brunswick, 1976)

The funkier, upbeat numbers on Time Moves On set are fantastic and should fill a dance floor in any era. But like a lot of other disco records from the time, when they try to slow things down, the songs becomes a little more pedestrian.


Sly & The Family Stone - Fresh (Epic, 1973)

I know this is really throwing something out there, but this might be my favorite Sly & The Family Stone album. Besides the ridiculously sick album cover, the album sounds so consistent as the instrumentation is nicely pared down for more subdued sound compared to their other endeavors. I can't get enough right now.


Herbie Hancock - The Prisoner (Blue Note, 1969)

I'm always on the lookout for Herbie's albums. When I brought this home and looked it up online I learned that that this album was a tribute to the dreams and spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Cool! Nice to bring home a classic that has eluded me over the years.


Touch - S/T (Coliseum, 1968)

Now this is the type of record I like to bring home. The songs are rockin', fuzzy, and have just the right amount of freakout with groove holding it all together. Glad to give this record a home.


Chris Spedding - Backwood Progression (Harvest, 1970)

An awesome record in great condition. I usually hesitate with singer-songrwriter looking joints, but something told me to pull the trigger with this one. Perhaps my tastes are evolving and my interests have changed, but I find this an incredibly well put together album. Plus it's signed :)


Sparky Rucker - Cold And Lonesome On A Train (June Appal, 1977)

This is really cool blues record from June Appal, a small Kentucky outfit that still puts out music and more in the interest of preserving Appalachain culture. The album is made up of Robert Johnson covers, old folk spirituals, and even a couple of originals too. Sparky Rucker is still going strong and records and performs with his wife these days. This is a really cool record! 


Maceo - Us!! (People, 1973)

Nice to finally land an OG copy of this Maceo and The Macks longplayer. Somewhat surprisingly, I've never seen this one around the way.


Budgie - Squawk (Kapp, 1972)

Budgie - S/T (Kapp, 1971)

Woah! These Budgie records shred! The sounds on both of these Lp's kind of took me by surprise as this band is way heavy and came out pretty early to be so doom-y. Definitely scoop 'em up if you see them.


Donald Byrd - Ethiopian Knights (Blue Note, 1972)

This is a killer set from Donald Byrd - jazz funk at it's finest. This record has been on heavy rotation for me since bringing it home... I just put it on and watch it go! Open drum sounds, and breaks for your b-boy needs.