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Entries in Mt. Adams (21)


Dip Dip Dive | August 7th

Join the Dip Dip Dive massive this Friday night high above our city up in the penthouse of the Mt. Adams Pavilion. I'll be playing the cuts to get you loose and the bartenders will serve up cool, cool beverages to get you feelin' courageous. See you at the top!


Dip Dip Dive | July 10th

This Friday night, get up with Dip Dip Dive and all your closest friends and lovers as we ring in the weekend right. I’ll be playing an all-star lineup of dance craze classics to keep your legs stanky, shoulders leanin’ and booty poppin’. See you at the top!


Dip Dip Dive | June 12th

Once again it's on! This Friday, come join the Dip Dip Dive massive at Mt. Adams Pavilion for another titillating night of dance, drink & delight. I'll play the jams to get you shaking it up while the bar serves up the cool, cool beverages to keep you in the mood. See you at the top!


Dip Dip Dive | May 8th

It's time again for another edition of Dip Dip Dive! Join us upstairs in the penthouse of the Mt. Adams Pavilion for another rousing night of dance, drink and delight. The good weather makes everything better. Get it, get it! 


Dip Dip Dive | April 10th

Dip Dip Dive is on once again this Friday in the penthouse of the Mt. Adams Pavilion. Perched high atop the city, I'll be playing the jams to get you and yours twisted in a knot as the best bartenders in the city serve up liquid elixirs to keep you mixing it up. Join us for another unforgettable night of dance, drink, and delight. See you there!