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Entries in Marvin Gaye (6)


New Digs | Early October

Despite my focus on 7-inch singles as of late, I've still managed to dig up a few choice Lp's to round out my more recent hauls. Some long time wants and a couple unexpected treasures make for some pretty interesting acquisitions. Here's what's kept my new arrivals been interesting as of late. Dig it!


James Brown - Sho Is Funky Down Here (King, 1971)

Sly And The Family Stone - Life (Epic, 1968)

Funk Inc. - Chicken Lickin' (Prestige, 1972)

Curtis Mayfield - Curtis In Chicago (Curtom, 1973)

Pretty Purdie - Soul Drums (Date, 1968)

Buster Williams - Pinnacle (Muse, 1975)

Roy Ayers - Coffy (Polydor, 1973)

Chicago Gangsters - Gangster Love (Gold Plate, 1976)

Marvin Gaye - That Stubborn Kinda Fellow (Tamla, 1962)


New Digs | Mid January 2016

I'm a little late in posting this one. My new job has me busy and focused. Records haven't really been as much of a priority. Still, found some serious heat in local shops (and on the web) last month. Here's what found a home in my home and on my platter.

Johnny Smith - Reminiscing (Roost, 1965)

Trilogy - I'm Beginning To Feel It (Mercury, 1970)

Marvin Gaye & Mary Wells - Together (Motown, 1964)

The Intrigues - In A Moment (Yew Records, 1970)

Lowell Fulsom - Tramp (Kent, 1967)

Lowell Fulsom - Soul (United, 1965)

Lou Johnson - With You In Mind (Volt, 1972)

Demon Fuzz - Afreaka! (Janus, 1970) <-- 2005 re-issue

Karl Hector & The Malcouns - Ka Rica-Tar (Now Again, 2015)

Fat Water - S/T (MGM, 1969)

Roy Ayers - Ubiquity (Polydor, 1970)

Alamo - S/T (Atlantic, 1971)

Gamelan Semar Pegulingan - Gamelan of the Love God (Nonesuch, 1972)


New Digs | Late October 2014

Here's a handful of the records that I've brought home lately. Some I couldnt live without, and others I didnt even know I needed. Happy hunting!

Caribou - Our Love (Merge Records, 2014)

This one's been in heavy rotation since arriving in the post. Love the new record! The opeining cut is about as perfect as it gets.


Peaking Lights - Cosmic Logic (Domino, 2014)

I've been knocking the Peaking Lights around for a few years and this album pushes them into more mature sonic territory. A solid listen.


Marvin Gaye - That Stubborn Kinda Fellow (Motown, 1962) <--- 1981 Re-issue

Let's get real, I'll probably never find an OG. The music is too good not to own in the vinyl format :)


Trap Door - International Psychedelic Mystery Mix (Dis-Joint Records, 2006)

A longtime favorite mix somehow magically appears at my local haunt. It was kismet.


Johnnie Taylor - Wanted One Soul Singer (Stax, 1967)

Another longtime want that I scored for a fair price on ebay. As a bonus, included in the plastic sleeve are ticket stubs to a 1998 Johnnie Taylor concert in Houston.


Dr. John - Gris-Gris (Atco, 1968)

Really glad to finally cop this early Lp from New Orleans gawd Dr. John - who has one of the most distinct voices of all-time! New Orleans has got to be a vacation destination ASAP.


Eloy - Inside (Janus, 1974)


Gas Mask - S/T (Tonsil Records, 1970)



Dip Dip Dive | April 12th Recap

Usually with these posts I highlight some of the songs that I played at Dip Dip Dive that ALSO have visually strong or interesting music videos. Since a lot of the music I play out doesn't have an official music video, some really good music never makes the cut. This month, I'm making an exception to my own self-imposed rule by sharing whatever white label YouTube video exists in hopes of capturing a broader spectrum of what gets played out.

Overall, the night was a blast! We've had nights that were more packed, but when some of my good friends surprise me by showing up and I get a chance to make new friends, I usually have more fun. There was a decent sized (and well-styled) party that was there early and held down the dance floor from start 'til finish... as an added bonus they actually made some good requests!

There was only one real hater in the house that couldn't seem find himself in the music I was playing, even though I played exactly what he asked for (Jay-Z)... Sometimes it backfires when you try to be nice!

When the night was over, and I finished tearing down, I even found a rhymesayer (MC Los?) that was game to kick an impromptu 20 minute freestyle cipher session outside The Stand for all the drunk folks spilling out of the bars. I recorded a portion on my phone, but still have to go back and check the quality. Hopefully it sounds as good as I remember ;)

Here's a smattering of selections that filled the floor and I hope to catch you next month on Friday, May 10th! 

Dip Dip Dive | Selected Playlist 04.12.13

Tuxedo - "So Good"


U-Tern - "You Don't Know Me"


Moon Boots - "Got Somebody"


Jackson 5 - "The Love You Save"


Mary Jane Hooper - "I've Got What You Need"


Marvin Gaye - "Ain't That Peculiar" (Oddisee Remix)


Deee-Lite - "Groove Is In The Heart"


The Miracles Club - "U&Me"


Yacht - "Second Summer"


New Digs - Early August 2012

I've scored some nice Tamla records the last couple weeks. It's getting tougher to find this stuff really clean since everybody stayed getting down with this stuff from back in the day 'til now. I must have missed a day of Motown class, or maybe I never really paid that much attention, but Marvin Gaye's album In The Groove is actually the original press of his classic I Heard It Thrrough The Grapevine, same songs and everything. I guess once the title-cut beacame so popular, Berry Gordy thought it would be a good idea to re-title the record with new packaging to capitalize off the singles popularity to boost sales. I like the cover for In The Groove way better... and it's still nice to have both versions! ;)

Here are the other recent pick-ups:

The Marvelettes - On Stage (Tamla, 1963)

Marvin Gaye - In The Groove (Tamla, 1968)

Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell - Greatest Hits (Tamla, 1971)

Marvin Gaye - Super Hits (Tamla, 1970)