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Entries in Link Wray (2)


New Digs | June 2018

It's been all about the 45 for me this Spring and Summer. Admittedly, while it might be worth sharing the tiny records from time to time, I've yet to cross that bridge as long-players offers just a bit more visual stimuli for this forum.

Here's a list of what's found a home in mine.


Link Wray - S/T (Polydor, 1971)

Harold Johnson Sextet - House on Elm Street (Revue, 1968)

Caribbean Torpedoes - S/T (Edmar)

The Soul Searchers - We The People (Sussex, 1972)

East Coast - S/T (Encounter, 1973)

Billy Anderson - Billy's Back (Claremont)

Dawson - Can You Feel It? (Bridges, 1975)

Mr. Fingers - Amnesia (Jack Trax, 1989)


New Digs | June 2013

Collected from a recent bike ride around to my local spots.


Al Green - Al Green Is Love (Hi, 1975)

Lacking any of Al's mega-hits, this album plays a bit more somber in tone. Still, I do love that Al / Willie combo so much.  


Bo Kirkland and Ruth Davis - Bo & Ruth (Claridge, 1976)

Private label early boogie and R&B. Lots of good affection to be found here.   


Shadow - Love Lite (Elektra, 1979)

Really nice uptempo disco and R&B.  


Van Der Graaf Generator - Reflection (Fontana, 1972) German Press

Heavy psych collection from the group's first three records. 


George Duke - Liberated Fantasies (MPS, 1976)

Mostly bouncy slap-happy jazz fusion, I'm particularly digging the few vocal joints.


Alphonse Mouzon  - The Man Incognito (Blue Note, 1976)

Big Mouzon fan, this one is all about the dance floor. One of the rare (and even more rarely successful) attempts from Blue Note at the disco sound.  


Daddy Cool - Teenage Heaven (Reprise, 1972)

It seems Daddy Cool has attempted their very best throwback Rolling Stones impression through most of this record, but I can think of worse inspiration to follow.


Link Wray - S/T (Polydor, 1971)

More folk and country influences than I expected, having mostly known his iconic guitar swagger from "Rumble". While slightly less in-your-face, he finds excellent opportunities to showcase his versatile and raw playing style.   


Ivan "Boogaloo Joe" Jones - Black Whip (Prestige, 1973)

A somewhat tepid Jazz-Funk-Boogaloo outing.