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Entries in Eugene McDaniels (2)


New Digs | August 2018

Yeah man! Posts have slowed down around here... but no worries! Records still keep piling up! Hard to imagine finally landing a copy of "Headless Heroes of The Apocalypse" from one of my local spots. Here are some of the records to find their way home. 


Amish - S/T (Sussex, 1972)

Truth & Devotion - Heaven At Last (Tyscot, 1981)

Irma Thomas - Take A Look (Imperial, 1966)

The Farm Band - S/T (Mantra, 1972)

Toe Fat - Two (Rare Earth, 1971)

Eugene McDaniels - Headless Heroes of The Apocalypse (Atlantic, 1971) <-- promo

Eddy Senay - Step By Step (Sussex, 1972) <-- promo

Sir Douglas Quintet - 1+1+1=4 (Philips, 1970)

Bob Haack - The Electric Lucifer (Columbia, 1970)

Arthur Adams - It's Private Tonight (Blue Thumb, 1973) <-- promo

Genesis - In The Beginning (Mercury, 1968)

Shuggie Otis - Freedom Flight (Epic, 1971)


New Digs | Mid June 2016

Crushed it pretty hard early last month picking up these rare-ish records. I'm not so sure I'd ever even seen any of these in the wild... Well, I may have actually passed on a an overpriced copy of Outlaw before, but I had to pull the trigger and cop when I found this copy closer within my spending range. Both of the vibrantly colored soul records, Sweet Soul Shakin' by the Young Hearts and Nothing But A Heartache by The Flirtations, are sweet additions to the stacks.  Still gotta find the time to take in the Peter Ivers' Band lp, but my initial needle drops sounded very promising. Happy hunting!


Peter Ivers' Band With Yolande Bavan - Knight Of The Blue Communion (Epic, 1969)

Young Hearts - Sweet Soul Shakin' (Minit, 1968)

The Flirtations - Nothing But A Heartache (Deram, 1969)

Eugene McDaniels - Outlaw (Atlantic, 1970)