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Hear a Couple More Earnest Jackson 45's on Stone Records

After sharing Earnest Jackson's 7" single "Hogwash / Love & Happiness" a while back, I've amazingly lucked into a couple more of his 45's. Admittedly, these didn't get plucked from the wild but from keeping a diligent eye on my ebay watchlist. Both of these singles are super clean promo pressings - and with their addition to the platter pak, I THINK I've finally nabbed the entirety of Earnest's 1970's Stone Records output. If you know of any others, give a shout so I can track them down too!

1973's "Joy And Affection" is a funky vamp punctuated with brassy stabs and a welcome, liberal use of cowbell. Funky and soulful, the flip offers a nice instrumental take labeled as “mood” which I can assume was for on-air bumper music use back in the day. Both versions are funky and will come in handy as nice additions to the grip. Listen to both the vocal and the "mood" version below.

The "plug" side of Earnest's 1974 Stone Records single features the ballad "Why Can't I Love Somebody". Can't lie, this song is pretty much a lull. The cut is a slow, crooning ballad worth very little to my ears. I'll say this about the song... It's worth listening if only for the jarring experience of transitioning to the heat of the b-side. "Funky Black Man" lives up to it's title and brings the funk! Utilized famously on DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist's Brainfreeze mix, I had been on the hunt for this 45 for a while. Try to listen to the ballad... but ready yourself for the sauntering 70's funk of the b-side! Listen to both below.


Earnest Jackson - "Love And Happiness / Hogwash" (Stone Records, 1973) 

I first became hip to Earnest Jackson after one of his cuts was placed on the game-changing Brainfreeze mix. While Earnest’s few sides on Stone Records aren’t particularly rare, it’s still taken me a while to track down any of his 45's. This single featuring “Love and Happiness” and “Hogwash” was his first record I ever stumbled across in the wild. The A-side features a cover of the ever-ubiquitous Al Green classic "Love and Happiness". Earnest's take is as safe a cover you will ever hear. And why not? Earnest does right to stay close-in to honor the perfection of the original. The B-side is where it gets a little more interesting for me. "Hogwash" is a quick funk instrumental side that features deft guitar and soaring organ and horns. The contrasting sides make this single an ideal cheap-y 45 pick up for any fan or collector. If you'd like a little more information on Earnest, click here and here. Happy hunting!