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Marty Spitfly Live at NWHS | Smash Hits, Kiddie Raps & Clean Versions

I was asked back to Northwest High School to reprise my role as music selector for the 2013 installment of their annual Oscar Ball formal. I had such a fantastic time last year and couldn't say no to the challenge of re-tailoring my set for the high school massive. In the weeks leading up to the big day, I scoured iTunes, radio dials, and took recommendations in hopes to play music that I could willfully stomach and that would fall in line with the crowd's expectations.

I didn't plan on recording the set, but as last minute idea I thought it would be a fun gesture to offer a recording to the students to further extend their impression of the night. Nothing was scripted, so most of the selections and transitions happened on the fly as a response to the crowd and their requests. Some of the mixes worked well, but I must warn, there are few train wrecks! To be frank, I hesitated sharing here, but thought that the mix serves as an example of how to have fun while playing to the crowd. The kids had a blast and are pushing for me to return for their upcoming prom... We'll see!

Marty Spitfly Live at Northwest High School | Smash Hits, Kiddie Raps & Clean Versions

Part I 

Part II

Part III

It was a long set! So I've divided the mix into three parts to make it a bit more digestible. Click the links above to download each portion of the mix.


Dip Dip Dive | February 8th

Make your way to The Stand this Friday for the latest edition of Dip Dip Dive! Join Marty Spitfly and crew as we play all the jams to get you twerkin' it out with all your friends and lovers on the city's finest dance floor. You won't want to miss another memorable night of dance, drink, and delight!


Dip Dip Dive | January 11th

It's on once again! Dip Dip Dive returns to The Stand this Friday for another night of dance, drink and delight. Bring all your friends and lovers and we'll set the dancefloor ablaze with stone cold jams and p-popping classics.


Dip Dip Dive | December 7th

After a strong three year run, Dip Dip Dive is moving from the last Friday of the month, to the second Friday of each month. I very much welcome the change and hope we can continue enough momentum to keep the night cranking for another three years!

Join myself and the fine folks at The Stand for another unforgettable night of dance, drink and delight. We promise to play all the booty jams, booty breaks, and booty bass your ass can handle.


WEBN Album Project | A Funk Spotlight

As a fan and collector of funk, I always heard there were a couple WEBN compilations that I needed to keep an eye out for when digging. I never really looked too far into which volumes were essential, I just figured I would luck out one day and stumble across the goodness. I usually see the same ol' WEBN albums again and again when flipping through the rock compilation bins... But when I spotted a cover featuring a colorful illustration of a hot-air balloon sailing over a waterfall, flanked by mushrooms and forest foliage, I was pretty certain that this was one of the WEBN records I had been coveting. This aptly titled compilation, The Vinyl Days, features a track called "Freedom" with funky vocoder vocals by local upstart group Roger and The Human Body from Hamilton, Ohio. This early Roger Troutman recording (his first on wax?) is a nice document of his funk origin and showcases his penchant for laying down a groove, even early on! Check it out!

After doing some online research on The Vinyl Days compilation, I learned that the other WEBN volume with a foot in the funk lane was the second installment titled Album Project #2. I recognized the cover, and on my very next record store visit, was able to secure a clean copy. In my opinion, this volume is pretty tepid, but when the B-side opens with Essence's "Third Rock", a bass driven funk banger, the groove is definitely being put down. I know I've heard this song before, perhaps in a mix, or used as a sample, but I know I'll be spinning "Third Rock" again and again from now until forever.

I always knew there was something in the water 'round here...


After racking my brain for a couple days, I finally figured out how I was initially introduced to the track "Third Rock". RJD2 lifted the sample for a track on his second album called "Clean Living". The song was also released as a 12" and put out on a compilation by Stones Throw called Chrome Children back in 2006. What a relief...I thought I was losing it!

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