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Marty Spitfly Reveals Skeletons In The Closet

When I first moved to Cincinnati I began buying records at a much higher clip. Given all the new inspiration I was absorbing, I decided to try my hand at making my own beats fusing samples from the records I was bringing home and my own beatbox snippets. I researched and found that the Roland SP-404 had just been released AND had a built in microphone for easy, on-the-fly sample captures. I dived head first into the machine and learned how to manipulate, chop, and layer the sounds. It was a fun evening hobby for a while, but I eventually got too caught up with work to invest the time to try and take my compositions to the next level. 

Fast forward to last month. The company I work for, Landor, decided to host an event in the spirit of raising money for a co-worker's family after her husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. The event was appropriately dubbed Miketoberfest and was to rally friends and family of Mike along with the areas creative community for a good ol' fashioned autumn throwdown. As part of the event, employees were encouraged to make a homemade contribution to be sold in a pop-up shop to generate more money for the cause. Using Miketoberfest as motivation to finally bring to light some of my old loops, I decided to format my offering as a seamless mix laid down live in the form of a homemade cassette tape.

Here's the project description that I put together for the sale:

Skeletons in The Closet is a live mix of sonic experiments composed on the Roland SP-404 sampler that layers samples from dusty records, shaky one finger Casio keyboard loops, second hand synthesized sounds, and hastily recorded beatboxing captured through a stolen microphone. These instrumental noodlings were never going to see the light of day and were intended as skeletal sketches for a future project. Dig out your tape deck and experience this uniquely scarce, hyper limited cassette only release.

Even though only half of the tapes I contributed to the shop were actually sold, the event as a whole was a huge success and brought the community together in a big way for an amazing cause. Miketoberfest was a very proud event for all involved!

I still have a handful of tapes left, so if you are interested in a physical copy please hit me up and we can work something out. In the meantime, feel free to check out the mix below and be sure to lend your support by making a donation to the Amann Family Fund.

Keep rockin'!


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