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GOAT Live at Southgate House Revival + Run To Your Mama Remixes (Vol. 1)

My brain was melted last Friday as I FINALLY made my way across the river into Newport, KY to the Southgate House Revival to take in Swedish psych rock band Goat. I really dug their debut album World Music when it dropped late last year, but to be honest, I hadn't really revisited the cd too much since my initial excitement. Just got lost in the mix around here. When the Cincy Psych Fest organizers announced that they were bringing Goat to town, I was sure to make it a point to catch the band live as I imagined their live incarnation would be memorable. What a treat! We got a there just as Goat was beginning their opening song (missed opening band Holy Wave) and I was immediately struck by the bands attire. They were all decked out in masks and gypsy/hippie get-ups that totally set the expectation for what was to come. The band was fronted by two mysterious female singers that wailed in unison and danced in tandem channeling spirits and projecting a powerful expression. The bongo player was super on point and added a dense percussive layer that provided an upbeat backdrop up for the heavy fuzz of the guitars.

I left the show very impressed and hope Goat catches on as they continue to spread their gospel. If they come close to your town, do yourself a favor and make an effort to get out and go!

Of course after the show I couldn't say no the merch booth and walked away with all three pieces of wax the band had for sale. 

Goat - World Music (Rocket Recordings, 2012)

Goat - Run To Your Mama Remixes Volume 1 (Rocket Recordings, 2013)

Goat - Run To Your Mama Remixes Volume 2 (Rocket Recordings, 2013)

I have uploaded both sides of the Run To Your Mama Remixes Volume 1 12". The REDG Weeks Re-Works Mix is especially strong to my tastes and Teeth of The Sea's Greatest Mix of All Time aptly freaks out the original mix by adding a heavy dose of phased out oscillating swells. Check 'em out below!

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