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Earnest Jackson - "Love And Happiness / Hogwash" (Stone Records, 1973) 

I first became hip to Earnest Jackson after one of his cuts was placed on the game-changing Brainfreeze mix. While Earnest’s few sides on Stone Records aren’t particularly rare, it’s still taken me a while to track down any of his 45's. This single featuring “Love and Happiness” and “Hogwash” was his first record I ever stumbled across in the wild. The A-side features a cover of the ever-ubiquitous Al Green classic "Love and Happiness". Earnest's take is as safe a cover you will ever hear. And why not? Earnest does right to stay close-in to honor the perfection of the original. The B-side is where it gets a little more interesting for me. "Hogwash" is a quick funk instrumental side that features deft guitar and soaring organ and horns. The contrasting sides make this single an ideal cheap-y 45 pick up for any fan or collector. If you'd like a little more information on Earnest, click here and here. Happy hunting!

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