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Durand Jones & The Indications - "Smile / Tuck 'N' Roll" (Colemine, 2016)

Over the past two years, it seems like this site has practically turned into a continuous plug for the folks at Plaid Room Records. Not only do they operate an amazing record store, but they release a staggering amount of new, vintage sounding, funk and soul via their Colemine Records imprint. Right up our alley! The record label is operated out of the back room of the record store in lovely Loveland, OH. Swing through, and Bob and Terry will surely welcome you with a smile, good vibes, and perhaps some chocolate and beer. Sometimes all of the above!

I've focused mainly on picking up their Lp's, but every now and then I'll splurge on one of their 45's. Everything they put out is strong! This limited edition run (only 300 copies!) of Durand Jones & The Indications’ first single features two cuts from their self-titled long player and is pressed up all pretty on clear blue vinyl. This version is already fetching well above retail price online, so y'all might wanna keep an eye out for their future limited releases… I shouldn’t even be telling you :)

After a touring a little last Fall (and hopefully this Spring/Summer) I'll be hoping the time is right for more heat from Durand and crew. Listen to both sides of the 7-inch below and be sure to support all your local record spots. Dig it

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