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Poolside's Perfect Summer Playlist

While I don't usually share new digital releases on this site, I couldn't resist throwing a little hype behind Heat, the brand new long player by Los Angeles duo Poolside. I’m hoping they will release a vinyl version soon, but the digital version will have to do for now.

When I first heard of the band a few years ago, their sound was described as "daytime disco" - How perfect is that?! I was a huge fan of their first self-titled release and had been hoping for a follow up ever since. Poolside's sound is historically well-suited for Summer - and Heat falls right in line with that sonic legacy. As we officially dive into Summer, Poolside provides us with the perfect playlist. Cue up the boom-box and relax you and yours with groove’s as warm as the sun and sounds as refreshing as a dip in the deep end.


The Meditation Singers - A Change Is Gonna Come (Jewel, 1971)

I picked up A Change Is Gonna Come by The Meditation Singers a while back at Shake It Records. They had the album featured on their wall with a special note that it was produced by unsung funky technician Andre Williams. The tid-bit was just enough of a sell for me to add A Change Is Gonna Come and give the album a whirl. I’m not so familiar with gospel, I usually just skip the section all together. I hoped Andre’s involvement would keep things interesting to my ears. Wow, was I in for a treat... This album is a monster! Since I brought A Change Is Gonna Come home, I’ve been listening to it pretty much every Sunday, practicing my faith at the church of funk. Listen to the whole record below!

The Meditation Singers - A Change Is Gonna Come (Jewel, 1971)

Side 1

1. Trouble's Brewin'

2. Good Old Gospel Music

3. Greatest God I Know

4. Soulful Prayer

Side 2

  1. Hold Out Till Tomorrow

2. Look At Yourself

3. Getting High On The Lord

4. A Change Is Gonna Come

5. That's My Child



Sod - S/T (Decca, 1971)

This is the kind of record I like to stumble across! Sod's self-titled debut is an obscure-ish early 70’s rocker with songs that boast killer horns, drums, and Sabbath-lite undertones. Somehow they manage to blend all of those sounds while maintaining a fairly accessible blues/jazz rock approachability. It’s been hard to come up with any information regarding the band Sod. From what I can scrounge up, I’ve learned that they were a Las Vegas based band formed in the late 60’s and released two solid albums on Decca. I'm still looking for their 1972 follow-up, Face The Music, weird cover and all. Listen to the album in it's entirety below and feel free to hit me up if you have any further insight into the band.

Here's the tracklist for Sod - S/T (Decca, 1971)

Side 1

  1. Too Loose To Get Tight (Part I)

  2. Too Loose To Get Tight (Part II)

  3. Things I Wanna Say

  4. Love Sweet Love

Side 2

  1. Here

  2. Ev’ryday

  3. La Brea Tar Pit Blues

  4. I Don’t Want Ya

  5. Makin’ It



Selections from Billy Stewart's I Do Love You Lp (Chess, 1965)

I've been coming back to this 1965 Billy Stewart record a lot over the last month or so. Over the years, I have skipped over some of his other albums, but I don't recall ever seeing I Do Love You in the wild. The albums cover quickly caught my eye as I felt the need to give Billy a fighting chance to finally win me over with his sound. Before bringing this record home, I wasn't too familiar with Billy Stewart or his output. He is probably best known for

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Tripping Out With Curtis Mayfield

I recently bought a cheap-ish copy of a psych album I had been looking for on ebay. When the album was shipped to me, the seller thoughtfully included two additional "trash" records to help pad the package and assure safe transit. One of the albums was

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