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Bobby Marchan - "Just A Little Walk/ Have Mercy" (Aladdin, 1953) 

After stumbling across Bobby Marchan a little while ago, his records and unique story have been top of mind. It's amazing that someone could have so much output, so many records, but still exist in a state of somewhat obscurity. It's a grind out there!

After keeping my eyes peeled, I’ve dug up another Bobby Marchan 45 to share. The A-side "Just A Little Walk" is a driving horn number that sounds like somebody hit the record button during a party. Dirty, raw, and infectious, the sound exudes a very human type of spontaneity that is present in only the best music. The flip contains "Have Mercy" a sauntering guitar driven ballad that digs deep while pulling on the heart strings and to deliver an emotive, everyman expression of yearning. Both sides are simple, fun, and of the moment - a lot of the music from New Orleans exudes a similar energy.

This Bobby Marchan single is a nice example of early rock n roll and clearly illustrates a part of the the origin story and interconnectedness of blues, r&b, rock, and soul. Dig it!

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