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Dip Dip Dive | July 8th

Party People! Join us high atop the city in the Penthouse of the Pavilion for this month's go 'round of Dip Dip Dive. I'll be playing the grooves to keep you in the mood... From fist pumps to booty bumps. Be there!


New Digs | Mid June 2016

Crushed it pretty hard early last month picking up these rare-ish records. I'm not so sure I'd ever even seen any of these in the wild... Well, I may have actually passed on a an overpriced copy of Outlaw before, but I had to pull the trigger and cop when I found this copy closer within my spending range. Both of the vibrantly colored soul records, Sweet Soul Shakin' by the Young Hearts and Nothing But A Heartache by The Flirtations, are sweet additions to the stacks.  Still gotta find the time to take in the Peter Ivers' Band lp, but my initial needle drops sounded very promising. Happy hunting!


Peter Ivers' Band With Yolande Bavan - Knight Of The Blue Communion (Epic, 1969)

Young Hearts - Sweet Soul Shakin' (Minit, 1968)

The Flirtations - Nothing But A Heartache (Deram, 1969)

Eugene McDaniels - Outlaw (Atlantic, 1970)



James Brown - "A Man Has To Go Back To The Crossroads/ The Drunk" (Bethlehem, 1970) 

So, it’s more than a given. James Brown is THE godfather. His contribution and overall output is unmatched. I pick up his records, cd’s, 45’s on the regular and have no discern for continually adding JB to the stacks. He's more than proven to put out all killer and no filler. Every now and then, I’ll pick up a single and it'll end up being something I've yet to hear and will melt my mind. “The Drunk” is one of those sides that completely rocked my world. Packaged as a B-side, "The Drunk" is a way too funky popcorn instrumental that always seems to catch someone’s ear when I play it out. As strong as it is, it's puzzling that the song has yet to be famously sampled or comped. The A-side, “A Man Has Got To Go Back to The Crossroads”, ain’t too shabby either! A soulful, gospel tinged James Brown burner, the vocal provides a nice counter to the frenzy of “The Drunk”.

Listen to both sides of the single below!


New Digs | Early May 2016

Here are some of the recent records that I've stumbled across. Most of these were scooped up right from the wild but a couple were copped online (Paternoster and Coldblooded). The majority of these records were bought based on never having spotted them before and a needle drop session in-store. Peep game...


Paternoster - S/T (Now-Again, 2016) <-- re-issue

Elliott, Walter and Bennett - Zeta Reticuli (Jam Records, 1977)

Barbara McNair - The Real Barbara McNair (Motown, 1969)

Lamb - Cross Between (Warner Brothers, 1971)

Arnold Bean - Cosmic Bean (SSS International, 1971)

Eddie Hardin and Peter York - Tomorrow, Today (Bell, 1969)

Karl Hector & The Malcouns - Sahara Swing (Now-Again Records, 2008) 2lp

The Bar-Kays - Coldblooded (Volt, 1974)

Crab Tunes/ Noggins - S/T (Warner Brothers, 1971)


The Meditation Singers - A Change Is Gonna Come (Jewel, 1971)

I picked up A Change Is Gonna Come by The Meditation Singers a while back at Shake It Records. They had the album featured on their wall with a special note that it was produced by unsung funky technician Andre Williams. The tid-bit was just enough of a sell for me to add A Change Is Gonna Come and give the album a whirl. I’m not so familiar with gospel, I usually just skip the section all together. I hoped Andre’s involvement would keep things interesting to my ears. Wow, was I in for a treat... This album is a monster! Since I brought A Change Is Gonna Come home, I’ve been listening to it pretty much every Sunday, practicing my faith at the church of funk. Listen to the whole record below!

The Meditation Singers - A Change Is Gonna Come (Jewel, 1971)

Side 1

1. Trouble's Brewin'

2. Good Old Gospel Music

3. Greatest God I Know

4. Soulful Prayer

Side 2

  1. Hold Out Till Tomorrow

2. Look At Yourself

3. Getting High On The Lord

4. A Change Is Gonna Come

5. That's My Child


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