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New Digs | Late December 2016

I've had a great break over the Holidays. In-between time split amongst friends, family, and food I found some time to scour for quality used records at some of the local spots. Peep my Holiday haul below. 


Galt MacDermot - Cotton Comes To Harlem (United Artists, 1970) <-- Promo

It's dope when a quality album cover actualy yields quality music. I've had my eyes peeled looking for this soundtrack for a while now. Glad to finally bring a copy home!


Carla Thomas - Love Means... (Stax, 1971)

Filled another gap in my Stax collection. It's surprising that I can't recall coming across this record in the wild before now. 


Neal Creque - Neal Creque & The Hands Of Time (Muse, 1974) 

I had never heard of Neal Creque, but this record is super dope! 


La Clave - La Clave (Verve, 1973)

The sleeve is pretty rough, but the record yields some banging latin-funk. Playing this record turned my living room into a dance party!



Bobby Marchan - "Just A Little Walk/ Have Mercy" (Aladdin, 1953) 

After stumbling across Bobby Marchan a little while ago, his records and unique story have been top of mind. It's amazing that someone could have so much output, so many records, but still exist in a state of somewhat obscurity. It's a grind out there!

After keeping my eyes peeled, I’ve dug up another Bobby Marchan 45 to share. The A-side "Just A Little Walk" is a driving horn number that sounds like somebody hit the record button during a party. Dirty, raw, and infectious, the sound exudes a very human type of spontaneity that is present in only the best music. The flip contains "Have Mercy" a sauntering guitar driven ballad that digs deep while pulling on the heart strings and to deliver an emotive, everyman expression of yearning. Both sides are simple, fun, and of the moment - a lot of the music from New Orleans exudes a similar energy.

This Bobby Marchan single is a nice example of early rock n roll and clearly illustrates a part of the the origin story and interconnectedness of blues, r&b, rock, and soul. Dig it!


New Digs | Late November 2016

Came up on most of this grip while treveling in Kansas City, Missouri. Peep the haul below.


Bill Evans Trio - Trio '65 (Verve, 1965)

Odell Brown - Plays Otis Redding (Cadet, 1969)

Fred Wesley & The Horny Horns - Say Blow By Blow Backwards (Atlantic, 1979)

The Sylvers - The Sylvers (Pride, 1972)

The Dynatones - Fife Piper (Hanna-Barbera Records, 1966)

Hapshash & The Coloured Coat - Featuring The Human Host And The Heavy Metal Kids (Imperial, 1967)

The Fatback Band - Let's Do It Again (Perception, 1972)

Ray Terrace - Home Of Boogaloo (Tower, 1968)

Southwind - Southwind (Venture, 1968)


Dip Dip Dive | November 11th

Party People! Join you and yours high atop the city in the penthouse at the Mount Adams Pavilion for another night of dance, drink, and delight. See you at the top!


New Digs | Late October 2016

I've had a nice little haul this month! Here's the skinny on what's making the stacks fat.

Debbie Taylor - Comin' Down On You (Today, 1972)

At this point, I'm not wholly convinced the albums released on Today are my cup of tea. I don't dislike what I've heard so far, I'm just not sure I'm as rewarded with their output. Having said that, Comin' Down On You might be my favorite Today album I've heard yet. On the other hand, Perception Records are my jam!


Booker T. & The MG's - In The Christmas Spirit (Stax, 1967)

So this was one of those, "If I don't buy this now I won't be able to listen to it on Christmas" purchases. You can really do no wrong with anything on Stax, particularly if Booker T. is involved. This record is fairly rare, and is sure to come in handy.


Dyke & The Blazers - The Funky Broadway (Original Sound, 1967) mono

Amazingly, I had never crossed paths with an OG of this record. I see the 45's all the time and couldn't pass on a chance to bring a VG copy home... Finally!


Booker T. & The MG's - And Now! (Stax, 1966)

Another original Stax pressing from Booker T. & The MG's! This one fills one of the few holes I still have from Booker T. & The MG's discography. Getting close to rounding out and I always got my eyes peeled for Stax originals. 


Booker Little - Out Front (Candid, 1961)

And the circle keeps getting bigger. I wasn't familiar with Booker Little before stumbling across this long player... but this might be one of my favorite albums I've brought home in a while. Just enough pace and wild solos to keep me on my toes. 


Janet Jackson - The Velvet Rope (Virgin, 1997) 2lp

This was my JAM back in 1997! Amazingly, this album still holds up and its sound (and even structure) fits right in line with some of the current R&B releases. See Solange's new album :)


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