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New Digs | Early September 2016

Here's another batch of records that have made their way into the homestead. I always feel a strong sense of pride when the variety of my haul reflects the true spectrum of my interests - and this batch is up there in terms of breadth of sonics and genre. Happy hunting!


Mu - Lemurian Music (United Artists, 1974)

Southwest F.O.B. - Smell of Incense (Hip, 1968)

The Appletree Theatre - Playback (Verve Forecast, 1968)

De La Soul - And The Anonymous Nobody (AOI Records, 2016)

Capability Brown - From Scratch (Charisma, 1972)

Gary Burton - Good Vibes (Atlantic, 1971)

Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs - Life Of A Kid In the Ghetto (PWL, 1991)

Trans Am - S/T (Thrill Jockey, 1995)

Charles Lloyd - Waves (A&M, 1972) 

Jimmy McGriff - The Worm (Solid State, 1968)

The Generation gap - Up Up And Away (Custom, 1968)

Springfield Rifle - S/T (Burdette, 1968)


Chuck Bradford - "You're Going To Miss Me When I'm Gone / Say It Was A Dream" (Fire, 1961)

I've posted a Fire Records single before... I want to say I picked a half dozen or so of their 45's all at one time? While their releases aren't especially collectible, the 45's still make for solid one-off blues additions to my single collection. 

This Chuck Bradford 7" released on Fire Records features "You're Going to Miss Me When I'm Gone" and "Say It Was a Dream". While I wasn't able to track down ANY information on Chuck Bradford, I can hear that his sound, at least on these two sides, is raw and delightfully unpolished. The a-side is a rousing blues rocker that features a spirited saxophone accompaniment. "Say it Was a Dream" is a sauntering blues cut with a piano pairing. Somehow, this record has found itself classified as a Northern Soul on past eBay sales and descriptions, but it sounds too blues-y to my ears to fit that bill. 

While not much info is out there on the artist Chuck Bradford, I have stumbled across the name of Fire Records head man Bobby Robinson a handful of times. It's pretty staggering just how many labels, eras and sounds he was behind as producer and label owner. Bobby Robinson touched everything from doo-wop to hip hop and was the mastermind behind the labels of Red Robin Records (1952), Whirlin' Disc Records (1956), Fury Records (1957), Everlast Records (1957), Fire Records (1959), and ultimately Enjoy Records (1962). What a legacy to leave behind! 

Listen to both sides of this mighty Chuck Bradford 7" single below.


New Digs | Early August 2016

Some of these actually came home in July :)

It's been a busy Summer! So many new (and old) sounds spinning on the tables and filling the home with good vibes. Between ebay finds, new releases, local spots, and a haul in Chicago while on a work trip, I've more than covered the sound spectrum and been diligent in hitting the bins with persistence. See below for what's new to the mix. Hit 'em up!


Roosevelt Holts - Presenting The Country Blues (Blue Horizon, 1968)

Kossie Gardner - Pipes Of Blue (Dot)

Wu-Tang Clan - Wu-Tang Forever (Loud, 1997) 4Lp OG still sealed

Beastie Boys - Ill Communication (Grand Royal, 1994) 2Lp OG still sealed

Beastie Boys - The In Sound From Way Out (Grand Royal, 1995) 1998 press, still sealed 

The 3rd Avenue Blues Band - Fantastic (Revue, 1970)

James Brown and The Famous Flames - Mighty Instrumentals (King, 1966)

BADBADNOTGOOD - IV (Innovative Leisure, 2016) 2Lp

Norma Tanega - Walkin' My Cat Named Dog (New Voice, 1966)

Darrell Banks - Is Here! (Atco, 1967)

World's Experience Orchestra - The Beginning Of A New Birth / As Time Goes On (Now-Again, 2016)

Hal Blaine - Psychedelic Percussion (Dunhill, 1967)

Dave Pike Set - Infra-Red (BASF, 1972)

Redd Holt Unlimited - The Other Side Of The Moon (Paula, 1975)

Madisen Ward & The Mama Bear - Skeleton Crew (Glassnote, 2015)

Dungen - Ta Det Lugnt (Subliminal Sounds, 2011) 3Lp box set


Dip Dip Dive | August 12th

Party People! Dip Dip Dive is on! Join me and all your closest friends and lovers up in the penthouse for another memorable night of dance, drink and delight. See you at the top! 


New Digs | Early July 2016

I've found some good records as of late. It's been cool to score such varying sounds across multiple eras to keep things interesting and almost random. Peep my haul below. What sounds have you brought home lately?


Stone Coal White - S/T (Cali-Tex, 2011)

Fear Itself - S/T (Dot, 1968)

Duval Timothy - Brown Loop (2015)

The Maytals - From The Roots (Trojan, 1970)

Classixx - Raraway Reach (Innovative Leisure, 2016)

Durand Jones & The Indications - S/T (Colemine, 2016) <-- limited edition clear blue press

Tom T. Hall - The Ballad of Forty Dollars and Other Great Songs (Mercury, 1969)

Tom T. Hall - Homecoming (Mercury, 1969)

Tom T. Hall - In Search Of A Song (Mercury, 1971)

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