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Strivin' & 45'n | The A's & B's of Funk, Soul, & R&B | April 1st @ Japp's

Join us as at Japp's Since 1879 in Over-The-Rhine as Marty Spitfly debuts Strivin’ & 45'n, an all 7" vinyl affair in which he digs deep into his collection to play funk, soul and R&B. Marty stays rocking parties across the city with his long running dance monthly Dip Dip Dive, as well as with a slew of one-off events as Mrs. Sidebottom, a long-distance collaboration and music blog project. Roll through this Saturday and help keep the party popping and hissing all night long.


New Digs | First Quarter 2017

I've been slow to bring home records to start the year. I'd like to think I've started to become a bit more selective, but the truth is I've just been too busy to look. I HAVE been clicking 45's off the ol' ebay watch list, so stay tuned as I'm sure I'll be sharing some of them soon. Here's a quick look at what has caught my eye. Some limited edition new releases and a handful of quality used sounds have found a home with me.

Happy hunting!


Dungen - Haxan (Smalltown Supersound, 2016)

Temptation Rise - Temptation Rise (Anthron International)

Toe Fat - Toe Fat (Rare Earth, 1970)

Barbara Jean English - Barbara Jean English (Alithia, 1973)

The xx - I See You (Young Turks, 2017) <-- Limited Edition Box Set

Whitney - Light Upon the Lake (Secretly Canadian, 2016)

El Gran Combo - De Punta A Punta (EGC Records, 1973)

Albino Gorilla - Detroit-1984 (Kama Sutra, 1970)

Frank Ocean - Blond (XL Recordings, 2016) <-- Limited Edition 2lp

Run the Jewels - Run the Jewels 3 (Run The Jewels Inc, 2017) Limited Edition 4lp


Dip Dip Dive | March 10th

Dip Dip Dive is tonight! We are very excited to return, after a three month break, to the penthouse of the Mt. Adam's Pavilion for another memorable night of dance, drink and delight. See you at the top!


Durand Jones & The Indications - "Smile / Tuck 'N' Roll" (Colemine, 2016)

Over the past two years, it seems like this site has practically turned into a continuous plug for the folks at Plaid Room Records. Not only do they operate an amazing record store, but they release a staggering amount of new, vintage sounding, funk and soul via their Colemine Records imprint. Right up our alley! The record label is operated out of the back room of the record store in lovely Loveland, OH. Swing through, and Bob and Terry will surely welcome you with a smile, good vibes, and perhaps some chocolate and beer. Sometimes all of the above!

I've focused mainly on picking up their Lp's, but every now and then I'll splurge on one of their 45's. Everything they put out is strong! This limited edition run (only 300 copies!) of Durand Jones & The Indications’ first single features two cuts from their self-titled long player and is pressed up all pretty on clear blue vinyl. This version is already fetching well above retail price online, so y'all might wanna keep an eye out for their future limited releases… I shouldn’t even be telling you :)

After a touring a little last Fall (and hopefully this Spring/Summer) I'll be hoping the time is right for more heat from Durand and crew. Listen to both sides of the 7-inch below and be sure to support all your local record spots. Dig it


New Digs | Late December 2016

I've had a great break over the Holidays. In-between time split amongst friends, family, and food I found some time to scour for quality used records at some of the local spots. Peep my Holiday haul below. 


Galt MacDermot - Cotton Comes To Harlem (United Artists, 1970) <-- Promo

It's dope when a quality album cover actualy yields quality music. I've had my eyes peeled looking for this soundtrack for a while now. Glad to finally bring a copy home!


Carla Thomas - Love Means... (Stax, 1971)

Filled another gap in my Stax collection. It's surprising that I can't recall coming across this record in the wild before now. 


Neal Creque - Neal Creque & The Hands Of Time (Muse, 1974) 

I had never heard of Neal Creque, but this record is super dope! 


La Clave - La Clave (Verve, 1973)

The sleeve is pretty rough, but the record yields some banging latin-funk. Playing this record turned my living room into a dance party!


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