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New Digs | Late May 2017

Here's a snapshot of the Lp’s that I've brought home as of late. I was very excited to find a clean copy of the Freddie Smith's Are You Lonely For Me? as I had never seen it in the wild before. Most of this haul came from the Alpha Records Convention when it passed through Cincy a month or so ago. Happy hunting!


Skin Alley - Skintight (Stax, 1973)

Freddie Scott - Are You Lonely For Me? (Shout, 1967)

James Brown - Sex Machine (Polydor, 1970) <-- German 2Lp opressing

The Fatback Band - Yum Yum (Event, 1975)

Creation - S/T (Atco, 1974)

McLuhan - Anomaly (Brunswick, 1972)


Dip Dip Dive | June 9th

Join us  this Friday in the penthouse of the Mt. Adams Pavilion for another memorable night of dance, drink & delight. I'll be playing the cuts to make your backbone slip. See you at the top!


The Cavaliers - "Hold To My Baby / Dance Little Girl" (RCA, 1966) 

I've been slowly trying to add all my 45's to my collection on discogs. It's taking FOREVER! I tried cataloging my 7" the collection a couple years ago, but found it frustrating that a majority of what I was trying to file had yet to be added to their online database. I wasn't about to take the time to add them all. Luckily, now that I've postponed the task, I'm finding that other collectors have actually taken the time bolster their online database and expand the Discogs library. This particular 45 by The Cavaliers is one such record I recall not being cataloged once upon a time ago... 

I actually tried writing this post last year when the Cleveland Cavaliers were in the NBA Finals. It's been sitting in the queue since then! So here goes as the Cav's begin the task of defending their title...

I vividly recall finding the record a few years ago in a dollar bin in a record spot in Louisville. I came up pretty strong that day by bringing home at least 3 other hella strong records on the cheap. Funny how the memory of days like that stick with you.

While there is pretty scant info out there regarding the group, this particular 45 has been classified Northern Soul favorite. I fancy both sides, but might actually prefer the middling pace of the b-side "Dance Little Girl". Both songs have been staples in my all 45 sets as of late.

Listen below to the Cavaliers sides "Hold To My Baby" and "Dance Little Girl" as recorded from my promo copy of the 7" single. Enjoy!


New Digs | Mid April 2017

Shoo-whee! I've been coming up pretty heavy lately. While my intake of Lp's has slowed down a touch due to taking a renewed interest in collecting 45's, I've still managed to come across some heat. Peep the latest haul below.

Willie Mitchell - Hold It!!! (Hi, 1965)

Always looking to round out my collection of Willie Mitchell albums. After sitting in one of the local shops for way too long, this hyper clean mono pressing of Hold It!!! just had to finally come home. I could listen to these instrumentals all day.


King Errisson - The Magic Man (Westbound, 1976)

I've never spotted a King Errisson lp in the wild. The record sounds a little more disco-fied than I had hoped, but there ain't nothing wrong with adding to the Westbound catalog... especially when the grooves are this fat! The cover on this copy has some ferocious water damage, but the vinyl still somehow sounds pretty good. 


Percy Mayfield - Weakness Is A Thing Called Man (RCA, 1970)

Percy Mayfield is forever slept on and unheralded. While I'm not familiar with his output, this Lp finds Percy deep in a grown and sexy blues groove. Weakness Is A Thing Called Man sounds like being stuck in mashed potatoes.


James Brown - Jump Around With James Brown And Other Great Artists (King, 1964)

You can't go wrong with an lp by The Godfather! I'm actually into his instrumental cuts as well, so this album fits in nicely.


Bobby Timmons - The Soul Man (Prestige, 1966)

Here's a nice, super clean copy of Bobby Timmons' The Soul Man!. Somehow, I seem to be drawn to his records and luckily come across them often. This set features a heavy dose of Wayne Shorter saxophone to keep the punches sharp.


Albert Washington - Sad And Lonely (Eastbound, 1973)

I nearly gasped aloud when I thumbed across this lp stacked within the "new arrivals" of one of my local shops. This album has been on my want list and ebay watchlist for a while now. It seldom pops up online, and when it does, it fetches a premium. I paid more than I usually allow myself to splurge, but that's becoming the norm nowadays...


James Brown And The Famous Flames - The Amazing James Brown And The Famous Flames (King, 1961)

Backfilling another King JB release. Despite a seam split, this copy was pretty clean and warranted addition to the stacks.


Henry Cain - The Funky Organ-ization of Henry Cain (Capitol, 1968)

Here's a solid lp of funky instrumental organ infused covers. Nothing earth shattering, but a solid listen and a nice add to the stacks.


Ellen Warshaw - S/T (Vanguard, 1973)

Got lucky with this pull. I had yet to hear Ellen Warshaw but I was struck the the trippiness of the cover in juxtaposition with the sweet, teenybopper headshot on the back cover. What would this possibly sound like? "Sister Morphine" is the clear standout to my ears - with its moody, almost evil backdrop. The rest of the Lp is... pretty and bittersweet sounding.


The Fugs - S/T (ESP Disk, 1966)

I've tried and tried to dial into The Fugs. Not sure if I just haven't found the right album or if I'm just hardwired to object to their sound. I'll keep trying with this one. I was intrigued how despite the early release date, the cover looked like an early 80's punk album.


The Fatback Band - People Music (Perception, 1973)

Another early disco funk classic that has eluded my grip. These early Fatback records are hard to come by around these parts. Very pleased to find an original issue in good shape.


The Hobbits - Men & Doors (The Hobbits Communicate) (Decca, 1968)

Found this psych treasure in a local shop that I always seem to forget about. I have their other Lp, and like it a little better. The sound here undulates between folky and sunshin-y psych with enough trippy dark-ish passages to placate my taste.


Various - Connecticut Soul Vol. 1 - (Fling-O, 19XX)

The simple graphics and neon orange cover really caught my eye on this one. Connecticut Soul Vol. 1 pulls together a grip of cover tunes by regional club acts from the late 60's. This is a scarce private press pull. The songs are all covers of popular tunes of the time, and there are a couple standouts - in particular, the first cut "1-2-3" by the North Atlantic Syndicate of Soul. Give it a whirl!



Dip Dip Dive | May 12th

Tonight! Back at it with another Dip Dip Dive! See you at the top!