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New Digs | Late October 2016

I've had a nice little haul this month! Here's the skinny on what's making the stacks fat.

Debbie Taylor - Comin' Down On You (Today, 1972)

At this point, I'm not wholly convinced the albums released on Today are my cup of tea. I don't dislike what I've heard so far, I'm just not sure I'm as rewarded with their output. Having said that, Comin' Down On You might be my favorite Today album I've heard yet. On the other hand, Perception Records are my jam!


Booker T. & The MG's - In The Christmas Spirit (Stax, 1967)

So this was one of those, "If I don't buy this now I won't be able to listen to it on Christmas" purchases. You can really do no wrong with anything on Stax, particularly if Booker T. is involved. This record is fairly rare, and is sure to come in handy.


Dyke & The Blazers - The Funky Broadway (Original Sound, 1967) mono

Amazingly, I had never crossed paths with an OG of this record. I see the 45's all the time and couldn't pass on a chance to bring a VG copy home... Finally!


Booker T. & The MG's - And Now! (Stax, 1966)

Another original Stax pressing from Booker T. & The MG's! This one fills one of the few holes I still have from Booker T. & The MG's discography. Getting close to rounding out and I always got my eyes peeled for Stax originals. 


Booker Little - Out Front (Candid, 1961)

And the circle keeps getting bigger. I wasn't familiar with Booker Little before stumbling across this long player... but this might be one of my favorite albums I've brought home in a while. Just enough pace and wild solos to keep me on my toes. 


Janet Jackson - The Velvet Rope (Virgin, 1997) 2lp

This was my JAM back in 1997! Amazingly, this album still holds up and its sound (and even structure) fits right in line with some of the current R&B releases. See Solange's new album :)



Earnest Jackson - "Love And Happiness / Hogwash" (Stone Records, 1973) 

I first became hip to Earnest Jackson after one of his cuts was placed on the game-changing Brainfreeze mix. While Earnest’s few sides on Stone Records aren’t particularly rare, it’s still taken me a while to track down any of his 45's. This single featuring “Love and Happiness” and “Hogwash” was his first record I ever stumbled across in the wild. The A-side features a cover of the ever-ubiquitous Al Green classic "Love and Happiness". Earnest's take is as safe a cover you will ever hear. And why not? Earnest does right to stay close-in to honor the perfection of the original. The B-side is where it gets a little more interesting for me. "Hogwash" is a quick funk instrumental side that features deft guitar and soaring organ and horns. The contrasting sides make this single an ideal cheap-y 45 pick up for any fan or collector. If you'd like a little more information on Earnest, click here and here. Happy hunting!


New Digs | Mid September 2016

And the goodies keep on rolling in! This is a massive haul with an emphasis on longtime wants (JLH's Coast To Coast, On The Nile and Driving Beat) and even a few rarities I didn't even know about (Fire Eater and Agrovators Meets The Revolutioners). Needless to say, the sounds have kept me busy entering into a beautiful Fall. Peep the whole haul below. Happy hunting!


Agrovators Meets The Revolutioners - At Channel One Studios (Gorgon Records 1977)

Rusty Bryant - Fire Eater (Prestige, 1971)

The Egyptian Lover - On The Nile (Egyptian Empire, 1984)

DJ Q-Bert - Wave Twisters (Galactic Butt Hair, 1998) 2lp

Desmond Dekker & The Israelites - Israelites (Uni, 1969)

Willie Mitchell - Driving Beat (Hi, 1966)

John Lee Hooker / Coast to Coast Blues Band - Anywhere, Anytime, Any Place (United Artists, 1971)

Dr. Feelgood & The Interns - S/T (O'keh, 1962)

Juicy Lucy - S/T (Atco, 1970)


Dip Dip Dive | October 14th

Dip Dip Dive is on once again upstairs in the penthouse of the Pavilion. I'll be playing the songs to keep you in the mood so be sure to show up and show out with your best dance steps. See you at the top!


5 Times Kanye West KILLED IT! (A.K.A. A Case For Yeezus)

Almost daily, I catch myself defending Kanye West. No matter how hard it becomes, I always argue FOR him. I’m more than just a fan, I pull for Yeezus. I see too many dynamic facets to him, and his oeuvre, to deny.

I see an artist, that comes from a genre that celebrates excess, caught in the paradox of commerce. I see a creative that never rests and continues to evolve to push his art sonically and socially.  I see a personality that is a living breathing impulse, responding and reacting in real-time. I see a person with inner demons that toes the line between genius and unhinged. And most relatedly to me, I see a dude that created his own opportunity to realize his own impossible vision in a way WE never imagined. He is the American dream!

When it's all said and done, Kanye will go down as one of the greatest entertainers of all-time. I have compiled a list of five live clips, spanning his career, that highlight what Kanye does best - a timely fusion of visual and sound to create an event. Each performance individually blew me away at the time they aired and helped solidify Kanye's lore within my consciousness. When given the chance, Mr. West never ceased to seize an opportunity in front of a massive audience.

These clips don’t even consider each of his seven solo albums, which stand on their own as an example of his creative genius. And I’m not counting his videos, which display his mastery of another medium. I consciously omit the times he has been handed a mic and been prompted to "go". He shines at every chance. Each of the below live performances stand out for their and sheer visual power. The best thing about re-living each performance in 2016 is seeing how unique his art, sound and visuals have progressed as he has evolved throughout his career with more resources, support, and ego.

What Kanye moments did I forget or miss? Let me know in the comments section. 


1. Kanye West - “Jesus Walks” at Dave Chappelle’s Block Party (2005)


2. Kanye West - “Stronger” Live at The Grammy’s (2008)

3. Kanye West - “Runaway” Live at MTV VMA’s (2010)


4. Kanye West - “Black Skinhead” Live on SNL (2013)


5. Kanye West - “All Day” Live at the Brit Awards (2015)