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Dip Dip Dive | September 8th

Join us at the Mt. Adams Pavilion for Dip Dip Dive this Friday as we set the party off right. See you at the top!



New Digs | Late July 2017

Given that I've slightly shifted my focus to 45's over the past few months, I've naturally somewhat curbed my intake of LP's. But that doesn't mean I've moved on from larger discs, just been more critical with what actually gets brought into my home. See below for some of the used long players I've incorporated into the mix.

Jake Holmes - The Above Ground Sound (Tower, 1967)

Found Jake Holmes' first and second albums on the cheap in one of my local spots. I was just about to walk out empty handed when I spotted these gems front and center glaring back at me from the oft-skipped and unfruitful Folk section. I was stunned and flabbergasted as both records are in pristine shape and have been on my watchlist for a few years. Nice scores!


Dorothy Norwood - He's A Friend (Jewel, 1978)

Nice late 70's gospel album featuring the killer disco-fied title cut. 


White Duck - The White Duck (Uni, 1971)

This was priced a little rich in one of the local spots, but figured I'd finally give the album a shot after passing on it for years. Like a lot of rock records from the time, some of the songs are clunkers - but there are enough bright spots to blance it all out and still warrant a purchase.


Jake Holmes - A Letter To Katherine December (Tower, 1968)

See above :)


Jean Knight - Mr. Big Stuff (Stax, 1971)

Somehow this classic Stax album has eluded me in my quest. Everyone is familiar with the title cut, and rightfully so, it's stood up to the test of time.


Kindred - S/T (Warner Bros, 1971)


Bill Moss & The Celestials - Mother Of My Children (Jewel, 1976)


Beacon Street Union - The Clown Died In Marvin Gardens (MGM, 1968)


Jimmy Hughes - Something Special (Stax, 1969)

I finally dug up one of the Volt Lp's missing from my grip. Sure is nice to have a clean copy!



Strivin' & 45'n | The A's & B's of Funk, Soul, & R&B | July 21st @ Japp's

Join us this Friday at Japp's Since 1879 for the second edition of Strivin’ & 45'n, an all 7" vinyl affair. I'll be playing timeless funk, soul, and R&B sides from my stash for a party unlike any other in the neighborhood. Roll through anytime starting at 9pm and help keep the party popping and hissing all night long.


Dip Dip Dive | July 7th

Dip Dip Dive is tonight! See you at the top!


Poolside's Perfect Summer Playlist

While I don't usually share new digital releases on this site, I couldn't resist throwing a little hype behind Heat, the brand new long player by Los Angeles duo Poolside. I’m hoping they will release a vinyl version soon, but the digital version will have to do for now.

When I first heard of the band a few years ago, their sound was described as "daytime disco" - How perfect is that?! I was a huge fan of their first self-titled release and had been hoping for a follow up ever since. Poolside's sound is historically well-suited for Summer - and Heat falls right in line with that sonic legacy. As we officially dive into Summer, Poolside provides us with the perfect playlist. Cue up the boom-box and relax you and yours with groove’s as warm as the sun and sounds as refreshing as a dip in the deep end.