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Mrs. Sidebottom is the collaborative project between Marty Spitfly and Cory Cutup, two longtime friends and comrades that share a common (and sometimes uncommon) interest in design, music, and records. Back in the day we used to swap mixtapes with one another and have since developed and refined our offering as a fresh to def duo that can turn the party out for a wide variety of audiences. Marty Spitfly currently hosts a long running dance monthly in Cincinnati, Ohio dubbed Dip Dip Dive and beatboxes around town at open mics, lunchtables and wherever rappers wanna flex. Cory has set up shop in Los Angeles and stays killing it in the crates. Stay on the lookout for events, musings, and future collaborations.

Need a lil' more? Here's a live feed of what we've been spinning as captured from our Instagram accounts. Keep in mind, sometimes folks crash our hashtag party... it's all in good fun though!